Parlauf Relays

One of the most enjoyable forms of interval training are parlauf relays. (par = equal, lauf = run).

These can be used as training or competitive tools and an example follows:-

In training, with a partner you decide on a session of say 12 x 200 metres on the running track. Runner 1 sets off on his or her 200 metres run from the middle of the home straight and hands over to their partner in the middle of the back straight. Runner 1 then jogs across the middle of the infield to take over once again in the middle of the home straight then after a further 200 metres hands over to Runner 2 (who has also jogged across the infield) and so on.

This can of course be carried out on a soccer or rugby pitch on the same principle.

A number of years ago, “Athletics Weekly” conducted a postal exercise whereby runners carried out a session of 40 x 200 metres per athlete (10 miles in total) and submitted the time taken. This stimulated a number of elite runners to partake of the event, and remarkable times were posted.

Try this with a training partner. It is much more enjoyable than doing a solo session. If you are a member of a club, organise a session then challenge a nearby club to better your times.

Mel Edwards
January 2008