Planning Your Training

In order to maximize the benefit you get from your training it is vital to plan ahead.

This is simply done by preparing a spreadsheet for a number of weeks in the future and filling in the boxes with your proposed workouts and races.

This is best done in pencil to accommodate unforeseen changes, and some boxes a few weeks ahead may be blank until nearer the time. An example is attached showing the plans of a 10k runner. (You may wish to fill in the blanks to finalise a suitable schedule). However it is important to constantly check and update the sheet to take into account daily feelings. There is no point in doing a 20 minute tempo run if your Achilles tendon is niggly. Work and/or family commitments are also likely to change, but by planning ahead you are more likely to have included and completed important sessions.

Example of 10K Training Schedule

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Sun 75 mins steady 1 hour easy 40 mins easy 70 mins steady 1 hour easy 75 mins steady
Mon 30 mins easy rest 35 mins fartlek     800/ 1000/ 800
Tues Long reps Out & back 30 mins rest Tempo run 20 mins   40 mins easy
Weds rest 6 x 800m Hill reps     3k race
Thurs 40 mins fartlek Easy 35 mins       rest
Fri 40 mins steady Easy 25 mins + strides   30 mins easy    
Sat 10 x 200m 10k race   5k race    

Mel Edwards
January 2007